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Printing with thermal transfer ribbons gives the possibility of applying bar codes, graphics and other information to various surfaces. Quick printing of data on labels will no longer be a challenge with Ribbon TTR! 


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We offer a wide range of thermal transfer ribbons, which are also known as thermal transfer films, dyeing ribbons, or dyeing tapes. We define them as TTR – dye-coated polyester films that are used to apply any information to labels.

Our thermal transfer ribbons are designed for use in any label printer. By using the highest quality materials, our products are completely safe and provide maximum protection for the printing head.

The Ribbon TTR brand is part of the Lagraf Group and was established to provide the highest quality thermal transfer carbon paper.

Professional thermal transfer ribbons!


We offer high quality products. Customer care and professional service go hand in hand with the products!

Transfer ribbons and are our specialty!

Our offer

We offer high quality products. Our thermal transfer ribbons are suitable for use in any label printer, they provide safety of the print head, and allow printing even at the highest speed range without loss of print quality.

Wax ribbons

We have high quality thermal transfer carbon paper for use (barcode and information printing) in every label printer.

Edge ribbons

Ribbons for use in printers with an edge head that allows printing a large number of labels instantly.

Bookled labels

Folded and self-adhesive bookled labels are useful when a lot of information needs to be placed in a small space.

Label printers

Label printers available in our offer will facilitate any packaging, archiving, numbering or marking process.

Wax-resin ribbons

Ribbons designed for printing labels from materials such as paper or synthetic materials. They are distinguished by print sharpness.

Smart data ribbons

A unique offer of durable and high quality Smart Data ribbons available in a wide range of our store.

Braille labels

A label that can be enriched by the Braille alphabet certified by the Polish Association of the Blind.

Terminals and readers

Barcode readers and terminals decipher encoded information from labels. They are necessary in stores, wholesalers and warehouses.

Resin ribbons

Ribbons with exceptional durability, which will be useful where printing is exposed to high temperatures, abrasion and adverse weather conditions.

Paper labels

A paper label is an extremely cheap and economical solution. It will be useful wherever costs matter.

Transfers inserts

Inserts intended for clothing. This type does not require additional costs associated with the preparation of matrices for printing.

Packaging and dust jacket

High-quality advertising materials, including packaging and dust jacket with print. We use printing machines up to B0 format.

Colorful ribbons

Ribbons with dye for labels. This is the best choice when the label requires graphics or color printing.

Peel-Off labels

Peel-Off labels can be printed in 2 layers. Because they have two pages, more information can be put on them, for example, in different languages.

Stretch film

Stretch film is the best way to pack goods. In our assortment you will find stretch film in various thicknesses and colors.  

Digital print

This is a quick and economical method of printing together with the possibility of bookbinding, which complements our offer

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Highest quality

We have always focused on high quality of our products and services. Our ribbons and labels are made only from high quality materials.


Low price

Why overpay with competitors? At Ribbon TTR you will find the lowest prices for the highest quality products and services.


Continuity of supply

With us you will never run out of materials - ribbons and labels. We provide high quality and continuity of deliveries - always on time!


Large selection of products

You have everything available "off-the-shelf". Our extensive stock means you will find everything you need here.

The best thermal transfer ribbons for your company are now available immediately at Ribbon TTR!

Low-quality products and long waiting times are common problems in our industry and competition. With us, you do not have to worry about anything. We offer thermal transfer ribbons worthy of your business. These are high quality products available off-the-shelf and with a free sample. Even if we do not have a given size of tape at a given moment – you wait only once, and then we will complete the order in a blink of an eye.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why choose good quality thermal transfer ribbons?

Thermal transfer ribbons will be useful in many industries and workplaces, such as clothing stores, production halls, warehouses and wholesalers. They are perfect for marking clothing, medicines and food products. The ribbons from the Ribbon TTR offer are of excellent quality, and thus guarantee clear printing, fast printing and do not damage the print heads.


As specialists dealing with thermal transfer ribbons and a brand belonging to the Lagraf Partners group, we can guarantee constant and timely delivery, high quality products at a low price, and partner terms of cooperation.


Want to test a thermal transfer ribbon from the Ribbon TTR store? You can do it for free. Just order your first roll! To do this, you can use the online form on our website, call us, write an email or visit us at our office.


Our products are available immediately. Regardless of whether you order a free roll of tape or the whole set, your order will reach you within 48 hours. This waiting time can be significantly reduced with your next order.

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We are distinguished by high quality products, a comprehensive offer, attention to detail and fast shipping up to 48 hours! Our competitors and standard printing houses perform orders from 5 to even 30 days. You have everything available “off-the-shelf”.



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ul. Dziuplińska 2
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